Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji    Shree Dada Gurudev    Shree Gurudev

Shree Dada Gurudev Param Pujya Swami Shree  Parmeshwar Dasji



Shri Ram. Sometimes, with a view to offering our love or say for worshipping the sun, we light the lamp. When we light the lamp before the sun, can the lamp give the light to the sun? No, never. Even if millions of lamps are lighted before the sun, probably that will prove to be the futile exercise. Similarly when we want to talk about Shri Gurudev or when we want to express through words or throw some lights on Shri Gurudev, it means as if we are placing the lamp before the sun.  


To fathom the height of the sky, no one, say from the eagles to mosquitoes and from the mosquitoes to eagles flying in the sky, can measure out the height of the sky. Notwithstanding everyone flies in the sky, still nobody could fathom the height of the sky. In spite of this, still no one discontinued flying in the sky. Everyone flies in the sky depending upon one’s capability and capacity. Similarly, to talk about Shri Gurudev, means resembling ourselves with a mosquito, it is (we are) trying to fathom the height of the sky.


Forgetting one’s own reality, God notices that the individual soul is surrounded by dejection, worry, fear and pain etc. due to having attachment in the world. For uplifting such soul and leading them at the feet of the God, the Supreme God deputes the great enlightened saints on the earth from the divine abode. From amongst those great enlightened saints, the name of my gurudev is Swami Parmeshwardasji. He manifested at the outskirt of the north-east part of India, a sacred spiritual land. Because of having inherited divine virtues of the past birth, non-indulging into the mud of this world, our Shri Gurudev Bhagavan took the refuge at the lotus feet of our Shri Grand Gurudev, Shri Ramshobhadasji Maharaj. He was initiated as per the five sacred religious rites under vaishavite system and spent few years rendering services to the Master. Apart from this, being the great saint, who preferred to live as a recluse or as a wondering monk, he accompanied the grand master and almost wondered throughout the country. Apart from being a wondering monk in India, depending upon the need and aptitude of devotees, he used to offer various teachings and discourses at various places. Beyond this, later on, he chose a place in Vidihsha District of Madhya Pradesh which is situated at the bank of river, the Vetravati Ganga. When our Shri Gurudev arrived at this place, the surroundings place was quite backward spiritually. And Shri Gurudev accepted this place, situated at the bank of Vetravati Ganga river upon where there situates most auspicious Tirtha, which is known as Charan Tirtha and Gurudev chose this place for universal welfare. Residing there, he did his penance and while spending time for meditation, he pursued the path of devotion (Bhakti) offering preaching to the surroundings. Our Shri Gurudev hardly did any discourses like our Shri Ramanandacharyaji Maharaj. The universal master Shri Ramanandacharyaji offered his teachings from his own deeds and action and he pursued the course in similar way as his highness the Lord, Rama. Lord Rama did not define what religion is but revealed his action by putting the same in practice. Similarly our Gurudev particularly performed his routine action and put the same in practice. He revealed before the society through practice the path of devotion to follow.


One more important thing – we all keep one idol of the God and accept the same as subtle incarnation i.e. as God symbolises his form present in the idol. Majority of general people consider this as Archa Avatar i.e. as merely idol, metal idol or composite mixtures of eight metals in idol. But the saint believes and experiences in this idol the apparent real God. Shri Gurudev, through his climax of supreme love, through his own lotus hands, used to offer the milk to the idol and the God (in idol) literally drank the milk. He taught and showed to the world, that there should be the ultimate goal in one’s life that the God manifests from the idol and one should realise his true form through the worship of God with the means of an idol. He did that and simultaneously attached supreme priority rendering services to the idols and to the saints as well. He used to get up early in the morning (Brahma Muharat) and after completing the daily routine, he used to proceed for rendering all kind of services till midnight. It is difficult for an ordinary man to do such long hours of service. But we ourselves are the close witness seeing the master with our own eyes, after finishing his daily routines, involved in doing all possible services from dawn to dusk.


Then after due to some reasons, Shri Gurudev left the place known as Ramanandkot which was created at Charantirtha and from some distance of Ramanandkot, he dwelled underneath the tree in the forest at the bank of Betava (Vetravati) river. As he was residing for quite some times in this area, some devotees built the hut and created some facilities for the master. What happens – sometimes when vested interest takes place in the overall set up of the ashram or matha and selfish elements start entering into such set up, the master even leaves such institute or ashram. Similarly such situation even happened with our Shri Gurudev. Renouncing all selfish elements behind, he lived underneath one tree for quite some years living detached from the worldly contact as a renunciant saint. (living as recluse). 


Beyond living under such state, on the Betava/Vetravati river, there is one Rangai Bridge and near to it, there is an ancient Hanumanji temple which was destroyed many a times due to flood where one idol of Shri Hanumanji and in the form a rock, the idol of Shri Ganeshji was lying reverse. Shri Gurudev was inspired about this subject place and the very placed was destined for renovation in the hands of Shri Gurudev. Shri Gurudev came and spent considerable time living over on this place and renovation had been done in his presence. Innumerable times, the flood destroyed this place and again and again the renovation was done. Even now, the renovation activities are being carried out by our Guru Brother, Shri Ramayaniji Maharaj. Shri Gurudev had left for heavenly abode leaving his physical body from this place. While living in this body, Shri Gurudev repeatedly told that he would certainly cast off his body at the bank of Vetravati river only.  The year was 1987 AD, it was fourth day of Margashirsha Krishna. By the grace of Sadgurudev, I, accompanied by Shri Ramayaniji was physically present at this place and on the same day, Shri Gurudev dissolved his physical form in five elements, marching finally towards heavenly abode i.e. Saket dhaam.


Kabir Sahib has written at one place –


 Kabir Jab Ham Paidaa Huvay, Jag Hasay Ham Rauye
Aaisee Karani Kar chalau, Ham hasay Jag Roay


 When I, Kabir was born, The world was rejoicing and I was crying
Go on doing such deeds, I rejoice and the worlds cry


It is seen that all animals are born through parents. Generally, the same is indeed seen. Even when the saints are incarnated, they are born in similar resemblance like ordinary human beings, they manifest through birth in human form like ordinary human being, but his death is quite indifferent.


Kabir Sahib has verily told this thing only that when I was born, the whole worlds rejoice. But only that person deserves appreciation.... whose death is different and unique where he rejoices and the world cries.


At one place, Kabir Sahib tells other things also –


Sab Ghat Meray Saiya, Suna Ghat Naa Koi
Balihari Vau Ghatki, Jau Ghat Pragat Hoi.


My God pervades in all the places, There is no place devoid of his presence
But applause (salutation) to that place where God manifests in that place.


In every being, there dwells the God, i.e. the God resides in every being, but worth appreciable persons is one within whom the God has manifested. One, who has got manifested the presence of the God, he deserves appreciation. In similar way, Kabir Sahib is telling that the person is worthy for appreciation whose death is divine. Because of such divine death, many people get shocked, distressed telling that we lost the great person.


Blessed is the enlightened great person, under whose shelter there is transformation in one’s life, every human beings experience welfare and achieve progress. The death of such great man is indeed appreciable, who renouncing the attachment towards world, devoid of any delusion, living ever under thoughts about God, abiding by the absolute bliss, leaves the physical body happily. Similarly, the death of our Shri Sadgurudev Bhagavan became appreciative, his death was not subject to worry or became cause of unhappiness. It could have been better, we all should have become aggrieved or sorrowful! Of course! We all were aggrieved thinking that Shri Sadgurudev is no longer with us in his physical form. We felt the absence of his physical presence. But he is certainly there amidst us with his invisible presence. His blessed, compassionate, loving shelter is ever upon us and will ever be upon us.


I have experienced innumerable times in my life and even told amidst you all that in whatever manner he resolved about me (this body i.e. Abhiram), the same thing happened i.e. he operated me the way he wished to do through this body. I did not happen to undergo with rigorous penance. Whatever I got in this body, through this body, it was all the resolution of Shri Sadgurudev. Whatever he thought in his life, (because he does good resolution alone) and whatever that he resolves, it immediately transforms into results. If any resolution is initiated from the plenum of consciousness, it gets transformed soon into reality with its outcome. Hence through Shi Gurudev, whatever is resolved, it gets activated through means of this physical body. I did not happen to do anything rigorously and because of his compassionate love, this soul got liberation and many souls might have been liberated but I am talking about on my own subject matter only. This way our Shri Sadgurudev Bhagvan when desired to wind up his play, leaving this physical body, here is the incidence as to how he liberated from his (plane) physical body. Guru Brother Shri Ramayaniji was already sitting near to Shri Gurudev. It was the time of evening hours, and this body (Abhiramaji) was proceeding to take the bath. During that time, it was clearly told by Guru Brother that Shri Gurudev has established his pranic energy in Brahmand. The whole body became completely unconscious and the chest was fully contracted without air, because the praan was transcended in shasradhar. After establishing the pran in Brahmanand, he attuned to the Supreme God. I saw myself that the blue sparkling light was moving towards the north.  And thus Shri Gurudev again entered back to the infinite kingdom of supreme God. This way, we all offered our flowers of emotions at the lotus feet of the Master. Shri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai Rama.  

Jay Siyaram