Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji    Shree Dada Gurudev    Shree Gurudev

Jagadguru Shree Swami Shree Ramanandacharyaji



Beginning with Sitaram, through Ramanandarya in the middle
I bow down to the entire tradition of Guru, up to the present one

On this holy land of India many great souls have been born who have enabled the elevation of every soul through their consciousness. Many incarnations of the God have protected the saints through their modest conduct and character. They instituted a sense of duty among people and blessed them with knowledge and wisdom.

There was a time when Hindus were forced to accept Islam. The Hindu temples and scriptures were desecrated and destroyed. Hindu society was getting divided in various sections due to lack of education and ignorance. The external form of cast system was very harsh. The India of those days was a disorderly state. Everywhere anarchy, mayhem, struggle and animosity prevailed. At such a time a divine soul appeared on the Indian soil who was long awaited by the dispirited people. He was later honoured as an incarnation of Lord Shreeram. He was our most venerated Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji.

To remove the stigma of the people who are suffering from the atrocities of the heretical rulers in India, and to fulfil the promise made in the Bhagvad Geeta, parbhrahm parmatma incarnated in Vikram Samvat (Hindu calender) 1356 on the auspicious day of Krishna saptami of the Poush month to sanctify the very rich Vashishtha Gotriy Tripavaranvit Shukl Yajurvediy Vajasney Shakhadhyayi Kanyakubj Bhrahman Pandit Shri Punyasadan Sharma and Shushiladevi. This brahman couple named their son Shree Ramanand as he was born after great penance and meditation of Lord Shreeram. He was the centre of attraction among people since his childhood as he was considered an incarnation of Shreeram.

To offer solace to the people of India who were terrified due to heretic atrocities, to protect the Indian culture and to restore the country's religious ambience, Ramanand adopted diksha (renounce the world) as per Shree Vaishnav ritual in Vikram Samvat 1381.

Due to scholarly and pragmatic wisdom combined with religious campaigns and various efforts of Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyji, an atmosphere of peace and confidence was generated. Even the evil practice of religious conversion stopped due to his efforts and Hindus remained protected. He was coroneted as the 22nd Aacharya of Shri Sampraday on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami in Vikram Samvat 1397. On the same day he was also honoured with the distinguished title of Samrat Aacharya by the entire clan of religious scholars. Later on he set off for spreading and proliferating Hindu Sanatan Dharma. It was a victory mission in a true sense.

He travelled through the entire country and liberated the people of the anarchy and atrocities with the promotion of Satkarma (good deeds) and Satdharma (being virtuous). Shree Ramanandacharyaji spread devotion all over the country and directed the human leaning towards Param Dham Saket (heavenly abode) and elevated the flag of Sanatan dharma to anew height all over the country. To absolve the social, political and religious misery of India and to establish a moral order, he initiated many activities and brought about a revolutionary transformation in religious, social and political fields. In this way, blessing the people with his divine discourse, Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji left for heavenly abode on the sacred day of Chaitra Shukl Ramnavmi in Vikram Samvat 1532.

To mobilise the people divided by the abuse of Varnashram dharma (caste and creed) which had become ingrained in Hinduism, and to grant the Shudras (considered low caste) their rightful place in society, he also chose his disciples accordingly. The following are his twelve main disciples.

1) Jagadguru Shree Anantanandacharyaji
2) Jagadguru Shree Sursuranandacharyaji
3) Jagadguru Shree Sukhanandacharyaji
4) Jagadguru Shree Bhavanandacharyaji
5) Jagadguru Shree Yoganandacharyaji
6) Jagadguru Shree Narharyanandacharyaji
7) Jagadguru Shree Galvanandacharyaji
8) Jagadguru Shree Pipaacharyaji
9) Jagadguru Shree Ramkabiracharyaji
10) Shree Raidasji
11) Shree Dhanaji
12) Shree Senji

Apart from these Shree Padmavati deviji's name is also well known as the 13th disciple. Aacharyapith were founded throughout India by Anand Bhashyakar Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji specially for spreading the Sanatan Vaishnav dharma and its protection.

Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharya was a great saint, promoter of dharma and an unparalleled teacher of his times. He gave the light of knowledge to the man dwelling in the darkness of ignorance. He shielded the cultural, religious, social and spiritual honour of India from the attacks of foreign rulers. He was the architect of the blend of Shreeram and devotion – Nirguna (without attributes) as well as Sagun. (with attributes)

Millions of obeisance at the feet of the protector of culture, peace giver and a phenomenal promoter of religion.

Hail Lord Shree Sadgurudev