Jagadguru Shree Ramanandacharyaji    Shree Dada Gurudev    Shree Gurudev

Mahamandleshwar ShreeMahant Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi




To introduce Shree Abhiramdasji Tyagi, is like lighting a candle in front of the great sun. With such respect, love, humility and humbleness, we write about Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi. Our beloved Param Pujya Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi in our times is one of the most highly regarded Sants emerging from the Himalayas.


During 13th – 14th century, India and her children were discontented, agitated, in poor health and lacked spiritual knowledge. During this period Jagadguru Shree Swami Ramanandacharyaji gave peace, love, happiness and healthiness to India. There are so many saints in India of this Ramanandi Sant Samaj and Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi is one of  the famous and well-known of them.


Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi was born into a rich and happy family. He left home at a very young age with a burning desire to find the true meaning of life. Guided by the divine being Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi went to the banks of Betwa-Vedvati Ganga at Madhyapradesh–Vidishanagar to the lotus feet of Sadgurudev Bhagwan Shree Swami Pameshwardasji. He stayed there and undertook Guru Sewa and Sant Sewa following this he then left for Ayodhiya and undertook tapasya at Chitrakut which is the principle and practice of physical and spiritual austerity and discipline to develop ones spiritual growth and achieved atmashakshatshar.


In his life Gurudev has given preference to Sant Sewa. To enlighten individuals he travelled throughout India. Even during the winter months Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi walked bare footed to the Himalayas.


With the purpose of providing Sant Sewa, Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi established 4 ashrams in India. These are:


1.      Shree Swami Ramanand Sant Ashram, Hanuman Gufa, Kedarnath (Himalay)

2.      Shree Swami Ramanand Sant Ashram, Rishikesh

3.      Shree Ramtekri Tapovan, Madhya Pradesh

4.      Shree Swami Ramanand Sant Ashram, Guvar, Ta. Nandod, Dist. Narmada (Near Rajpipla)


At the above ashrams Sant Sewa takes place. The magical beauty of these ashrams is that all are welcome regardless of faith, belief and upbringing. Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi allows individuals to pursue their own path. Should individuals seek guidance from Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi then he is always willing to guide them.


Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi undertook as part of his mission to travel throughout India and overseas with the aim of showing individuals the meaningful purpose of life by imparting spiritual knowledge with them.   Gurudev’s divine personality attracted many followers throughout the world. His presence and aura bestowed his bhakta’s with peace, love and happiness. Lord Ram has gifted the world with such a divine personality as Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi, providing love and benefit to every soul. When he speaks he does so with such sweetness, compassion and fulfils the wishes of all.


Shree Swami Abhiramdasji Tyagi possesses a magnetic, spiritual personality; his followers also know him as Shree Ram and worship him as though he is Shree Ram Bhagavan.


Shree Sadgurudev Bhagvanki Jay



Jay Siyaram